The blockchain is as much an institutional technology as an information technology. It not only enables us to greatly strengthen the capacities of peer networks through automated trust but also by enabling the recording and exchanges of value it allows us to design incentive systems. Of course peer-to-peer networked forms[…]

Blockchain & Society

Typically when talking about applications of blockchain people start by talking about currencies, finance and then more general business applications such as supply chain, then possibly learn about its potential use for the Internet of Things. What is rarely talked about is its applications to the environment, but this could[…]

Blockchain & Environment

Blockchain technology enables new forms of networked distributed organizations, something that runs very much contrary to our existing organizational paradigm and that is what makes it difficult for us to understand. The organizational model of the industrial age that we inherit today was one of centralization in order to achieve[…]

Distributed Organization

In the previous video we talked about the basic workings of the original blockchain concept, but over the past years it has been evolving fast, from the original Bitcoin protocol to the second generation Ethereum platform, to today where we are in the process of building what some call blockchain[…]

Evolution of Blockchain

Blockchain hype is an essential part of the crypto-craze, and its fading is cause to expect the eventual crash. The reason is a relationship between a beguiling, but wrong, idea about technology, and the value it has injected back into crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Break that cycle, and[…]

Sell all crypto and abandon all blockchain

Judging from the exploding number of startups out there, one might think blockchain is going to revolutionize energy trading. But the technology could be a poor fit for the applications that many companies are hoping to use it for, according to one expert. Blockchain is being touted as a way[…]

Why Blockchain May Not Be the Best Tool for Energy Trading

For startups, disruptors and legacy companies alike, a centralized data authority adds a layer of time, labor and cost to the procurement process. Replacing that “middleman” with blockchain technology improves efficiency all around. Eliminate the middleman. That tactic has been key to disrupting industries in the digital age. As new[…]

Blockchain, Procurement and the Middleman

New technology requires new solutions. A major issue has been how people can create secure systems, while still maintaining the advantages modern technology provides. For example, as more devices become “smart” (that is, capable of connecting to the internet and using internet applications), they’ve also become more vulnerable to hackers.[…]

Blockchain and the future of AI

No one doubts how money has evolved. Alongside all forms of technology progress, money has come for the ride, sometimes leading the way. Today, anyone can transfer money from anywhere in the world. From your phone, you’re able to make large transactions without ever having to go into a bank[…]

Beginner’s guide to Bitcoin and what it means for ecommerce

Not so long ago, the internet was hailed as the solution to humanity’s ills. It would shine a light on all corners of the globe, bringing new knowledge and exchange. But growing concerns about fake news, surveillance, cybercrime, social media addiction and monopolised power have tarnished that shine. Without ignoring[…]

Blockchain is facing a backlash. Can it survive