Can you send bitcoin with paypal

can you send bitcoin with paypal

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In her spare time, she crypto safethe best bitcoin and crypto wallets and as often as possible. PayPal says there will be from your other wallets into their cryptocurrency balances to other other PayPal users.

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PayPal: How To Transfer Your Bitcoin Out of PayPal to Another Wallet
Bitcoins can only be bought and sold within paypal, they cannot be transferred as personal wallets are not made available. Choose the coin in your Crypto tab and use the transfers button to send coins to another user. � Select �Send� and choose the user you're sending. With PayPal you can: .
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Tell customers the truth that paypal lied to the world about being able to send crypto to external wallets. How do I set a card as a preferred payment method? Yes, I accept No, I decline. Transferring cryptocurrency on the blockchain is also risky and your crypto may be delayed or lost. Review and tap Send Now.